Manufacturing engineering and mechanical properties of plastic parts


Manufacturing engineering and mechanical properties of plastic parts research group

In 1987, Patricia Frontini created a new research group in Mechanical Behavior of Polymers . At that time, the subject was completely innovative in Argentina and others Latin American countries. In this context, Dr. Frontini installed an specific laboratory, and successfully founded and developed a Research Area on the Deformation and Fracture of Plastic Materials which includes studies on Elasticity, Viscoelasticty, Fracture Mechanics, Failure Micromechanisms, Contact Mechanics, Performance of materials under high rate loading and Yield Behavior under multiaxial loading of polymers and composites.

Since that time, numerous publications in indexed journals had appeared. Moreover, her scientific work has had a considerable impact in the International Scientific Community, as it emerges from numerous International collaboration Projects with Australia; Hungary; Italy; Brazil; Portugal; Germany; and Spain. Dr. Frontini was also invited in several opportunities to give postgraduate courses and conferences in universities, both from abroad and Argentina: (Milan, Prague, Valladolid, Barcelona, La Habana, Arequipa, Rio de Janeiro, Santiago de Chile, Madrid, Teleconference Society of Plastics Engineering, Brescia, Linz, and several Argentinean Universities). In addition, she also performed activities training employees at the local Industry.

During the last 10 years, Dr. Frontini has also acted as consultant for the productive sector in the Area of Mechanical Properties of Polymers for the Oil and Manufacturing Industry, providing services for Techint; Repsol-YPF; Procter & Gamble; Magnum Pipe Tech SA; PetroBras; among other companies.

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